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Overcoming Fear of Coronavirus, Flu and Other Contagions: a Spiritual, Practical and Scientific Approach

March 1st, 2020

There’s so much fear-mongering because of coronavirus. And while there is every reason to take precautions against contagious diseases, the coverage, and the scare is causing people to lose their minds! There are a few things you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible from flu, coronavirus, and other diseases. I will share those and then I will go deeper into some spiritual teachings that might be of help Image Credit World Health Organization. You can get this and other images at that link. Disease Prevention 101 Wash your hands thoroughly The World Health Organization (WHO) and... Read More

Welcome to Inner Guidance On Demand from Psychic Medium Author Ronda Del Boccio

March 8th, 2019

Welcome to the wonderful world of Inner Guidance On Demand! This is your home for tapping into the truth of who you are and how you play in the world. I’m Ronda Del Boccio, a blind woman who helps people see their truth. I shall be your guide and mentor on this journey. All my life I’ve been freakishly different. I’m mostly blind but super observant. I have a whole bunch of what the world calls “psychic abilities: – most of them not fun. I’m an empath able to feel people’s pain and see through their deceptions, an animal communicator able to talk to... Read More