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This is a work of flash fiction, a 100-word short story inspired by…

The Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt for 27 May 2019

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The Inspiration

I love bringing in characters and situations from, or from the back-story of,  my paranormal romance novel They All Died Smiling. Our hero Kassidy (grown and widowed in the book) struggles with whether or not to use the very spiritual gift that has brought her nothing but heartache and betrayal all her life.

Covers of They All Died Smiling

This book is available everywhere online and in bookstores and libraries.

As a child, young Kassidy experienced a horrible separation from her family and the death of her mother all in the space of a few moments. Aunt Beck and Uncle Walt took her in to become the only girl amongst four boys in their family. This is the day after she arrived, still traumatized from her ordeal.


The Story: I Can’t Be Grace

“Come out, sugar.” Beck stared at the door, willing her traumatized niece to open it.

Bobby wrapped an arm around her. “She say what happened?”

“Not a word. I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t a medium.” A tear spilled down her face.

“Don’t you start, or I will.”

The door creaked open. A bloodshot eye peeked from beneath brown bangs.

“Come meet me, your Aunt Bobby, Grace.”

No response.

“You go start the party games.” Beck nudged her.

“I can’t be Grace now,” her niece whispered. “I have to be Kassidy.”

Beck opened her arms. “Everything will be okay, Kassidy.”


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