Do you feel peace is important? Do you want to do something to keep peace at the top of your mind, and share messages of peace? Here is one small way you can be a peace-bringer while sharing that intent and your creativity.

Lettering Peace

In honor of the United Nations International Day of Peace September 20 AND my upcoming peace journal, which will be available for pre-order right around that day, I decided to host a brush lettering challenge.

Whether you enjoy doing your brush lettering with pens, paints, an app, or some other medium, I invite you to participate.

Here’s the original Instagram post.

It’s easy and fun!

Each day, letter the word or phrase in your own, unique way. Post your creation on social media – to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr,  and/or anywhere else you like. Please tag @thestorylady  and use the hashtags #LetteringPeace and #PeaceDay

I’ll share my own PLUS some of my favorites throughout the month on various networks.

That’s it! Here are the prompts, and happy lettering! May we be at peace one day!

What to letter each day in September

  1. Peace One Day
  2. Gracious
  3. Warmth
  4. Sharing
  5. Gratitude
  6. Generous Listening
  7. Stories
  8. Simplicity
  9. Kindness
  10. Faithful
  11. Gentle
  12. Hopeful
  13. Family
  14. Devotion
  15. Harmonious
  16. Precious
  17. Traditions
  18. Blissful
  19. Love
  20. Peace Day
  21. Openness
  22. Generosity
  23. Honesty
  24. Sensitive
  25. Friendship
  26. Forgiveness
  27. Hug
  28. Understanding
  29. Politeness
  30. All One People

I can’t wait to see what everyone does with these peaceful prompts!

Cheers to your B.L.I.S.S.-FULL Life!!

Ronda Del Boccio

Award winning author, photographer and artist

About Ronda Del Boccio

Ronda Del Boccio is an award-winning and bestHead shot of Ronda Del Boccioselling author of both fiction and nonfiction. She has been mostly blind since birth, but she never lets that stop her doing what she wants to do. She tells transformational tales and helps visionary authors turn their dreams and imaginings into published books. See and order Ronda’s books on Amazon.

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