I love Kindred Spirits, now on Travel Channel.Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are not just out to investigate and have experiences. They’re called in to actually HELP, which they do. New episodes air Thursdays at 10 PM ET, ad are available on hte app.


The Episode

Season 3, Episode 1

No Salvation

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are called to Liberty, MO, to investigate the Odd Fellows Home, a massive compound that once cared for orphans and the elderly. More than 10,000 people died on the property. Now their pain has fostered a malevolent entity.

A Teensy Bit about Me

As a psychic knower, medium and empath, I’m flooded with extra perceptions most of the time. As I watch shows like this, I see/hear/feel what the team encounters and get a huge amount of data without equipment.

Please know that I have huge respect for Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Everyone’s powers work differently. Even if I should have a differing perception, nothing I share should be misconstrued as criticism. I merely share what I know with my knower.

A Warning from Me AND Adam Berry

This place has long been considered haunted, and numerous paranormal investigation teams have investigated. When you stir up stuff, the spirits respond, and even if the activity started out harmless or mostly harmless,, the investigations can attract negatives.

Adam said this very thing during the episode.

Consider yourself warned. I say don’t investigate if you’re not able to help OR bringing/getting someone who can help fix things.

The Investigation Begins

Adam and Amy first encountered a child that spoke audibly (sans equipment to them. There were 2 other spirits I sensed as well, one benign and one malevolent. Soon, they met a dead old man named George. I heard him say so, but they did not. It happens. Everyone’s talents work differently. Someone on Twitter got the same info: He walked with a cane and stayed to try to protect the children and others from a nasty entity.

It is absolutely George. Got the same name

One man committed suicide, but George is not that man. George said “Find Fred. Talk to Fred.” This was evident to me as a medium who can work remotely, but not to them or their equipment.

The team and I saw ghostly figures in the hall. They found Fred’s room, spoke to him and I felt him move along.

They soon heard angry voices in a nearby room.  One said, “Get out!” One cussed. My knowing said it was a dual call, 1 in anger, and the oer from helpful spirits warning them of the negative entity nearby.

“Get Out” Can Mean 1 of 2 things

When a spirit says “get out,” sometimes it’s menacing warning, like get out or I’ll hurt you, but other times, it’s a cautionary warning, as in get out to escape harm. I experienced George and a couple others trying to urge them to back away. In another spot, they audibly heard a child warning them to leave.

“There’s Something Crawling on the Ceiling!” – Amy Bruni

I know what those are. I’ve met them before. I always called them “Creepers” as a kid, because they creep along walls, ceilings, floors, trees…wherever they want. Imagine a 6-legged bug-like creature that drags its oblongish body along and feeds on fear and negativity, and you have a creeper.

I should try drawing one, though I’m not that kind of artist.


The team used an SLS camera, which can catch the more esoteric energies on film, and for the first time in the history of EVER, I saw a regular-eyes visual representation of what I’ve always been able to see with my Magic Eyes! It gave me a thrill, I can tell you!

I have vanquished them, but I’m not going into that here.

The Team Brings in Reinforcements

They brought in help, including medium Chip Coffey. He correctly identified the source of the bad stuff as “low level demonic.” He said he’s had  nightmares about the creepers – about things crawling around the ceiling etc.


Psychic medium Chip Coffey identified the entity as an “egregore,” which is a thoughtform. The team had all the family members and employees surround the building and inject it with their most positive memories to dispel the entities.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and my musings. Before you go …

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