Welcome to another “flash fiction” story, a complete tale in u100 words or less.flash fiction short story graphic showing lighning striking   If you want totry your hand, feel encouraged to come play! It’s one of the very best ways to improve your writing skills.

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Boots and Baked Goods

By Ronda Del boccio

For Friday Fictioneers, 21 December, 2018

Word Count: 98

Genre: Mainstream/paranormal. No demons in this story, but it’s from the sequel to they All Died Smiling, a paranormal/urban fantasy novel.

They All Died Smiling Front CoverNote: In this story, Reluctant Demon Hunter Kassidy Spence is back in the Ozarks for her cousin’s engagement party in Crane, Missouri. Aunt Beck and David, whom you’ve met in previous Friday Fictioneers flash fiction stories, feature with Kass in this story.

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Kassidy stifled a yawn.

Aunt Beck scrutinized her. “You look plum wore out.”

“I’ve tussled with…” she counted on her fingers, gave up. “a passel of demons in less than a week.”

 “We still need to have that talk.”

“Yeah, I know. After supper’s cleared, promise.”

Beck nodded.  “I can go by myself. You don’t need to come.”

The front door creaked open. Footsteps approached.

“I need a plain ol’ activity. Besides, David’s here. He’ll want toffee squares.”

David’s voice boomed from the living room. “Toffee squares?”

“Boots,” called Beck.

“Porch, Ma.”

Kass smiled. “Some things never change.”

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Ronda Del Boccio

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