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flash fiction short story graphic showing lighning strikingGifts from the Garage

By Ronda Del Boccio

for Friday Fictioneers, 14 December, 2018

Word Count: 99

Genre: mainstream, but from the world of They All Died Smiling.

You’re meeting more of Kassidy’s adoptive family today.

JJ and Dave are her brothers in her heart, 2 of Aunt Beck & Uncle Walt’s 4 song.

JJ and Dave are 2 of hte 4 cousins that were brothers to Kassidy growing up. Two of Aunt Beck’s boys. You met her in a previous story titled Phoeix Flowers.

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Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy

Dave pulled up to the open garage.

JJ held pliers in one hand and stared at his laptop.

“Hey, bro.”

JJ started, dropping the tool. “You made it.” He bear-hugged Dave. His stool toppled, wobbling the orb resting atop a red bucket.

“What are you tinkering with now?”

“Making a mosaic ball.”

“Trying to, you mean.”


“Like the coasters we did in third grade, with the little ceramic tiles?

JJ lowered his gaze.

“Why?” Dave gripped JJ’s shoulders. “Crafts…you?”

JJ shook him off. “It’s a gift for Aunt Sue.”

Dave nodded. “We gotta sand this thing first, bro.”

You met Kassidy’s childhood friend Russ at 10, who appears with her in the novel as a grown-up, in Little Rock.

You met Uncle Walt and 10-year-old Russ in “The New Girl.”

You met Kassidy herself in “Dance.”

You met Aunt Beck ith Kassidy in “Phoenix Flowers.”

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