The first Tuesday of each month, I’m sharing an update on my writing projects so you get a sense of what is going on. It will include any funny bits that happened along the way too.

And I’m aware it’s FRIDAY as I write this. Better late than never, right? I always say it’s not about perfection, and I’m DEFINITELY imperfect!

I’ll shot for the right day next month.

Leader Dog Jemma Close-up. Jemma is a golden retriever wearing a royal blue collar

And have I mentioned lately that I SUCK at time?

Here are my updates.

101 Quick Time-Saving hacks

I’m working on 101 quick hacks for authors. Some of my writer friends want me to hurry and funish, and DI agree. I intend to get my first draft done this month.

I was sharing a couple of the calendar tips with a  non-writer friend , because she was frustrated with her current attempt at a system. “I definitely need your book, even though it’s for writers. You’ve got some great hacks.

Cool. Maybe I’ll put out the author edition and then ones tweaked for other audiences. We’ll see. Definitely want to finish the author version this month.

paranormal Suspense

I pitched my paranormal suspense to an editor this month – no, last month – so it’s the usual…

Hurry up and wait.

And meanwhile, look for other publishing options. So much to do…so little time. But I try.

Oh, and since I didn’t share this yet, after 13 months, the agent to whom I pitched it sent a 1-sentence rejection. “I cannot represent this book.” No feedback. Nothing else. I think she rejected because she’s a die-hard fundamentalist Christian and this book, while there are demons and such, is NOT.

Ah well. Onward.

So at this moment, I have 3 publishers looking at it.

I will probably change the name. So far, it ahs been They All Died Smiling. I’ll let you know and probably ask you for title help.

Fantasy Suspense

This book used to be Rue the Day. I did a massive overhaul and changed the name to Deadly Mist. I’ve started the sequel, which is Instant Adept.

Two publishers have Mists to look at right now. I need to start seeking out more places for both these books. On my to-do list this month.

My golden retriever guide dog is snoring at my feet. So cute!

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