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Psychic Medium Author Ronda Del Boccio on Paranormal Punchers Podcast Jan. 8, 2019

January 7th, 2019

Hey, paranormal fans…I’m honored and excited to be paranormal Punchers Podcast first guest of 2019 on hte first show of the new year! The episode drops Tuesday, January 8th. This is a light-hearted podcast covering all aspects of the paranormal from the Min-Min Lights in Australia to Bigfoot to wacky stores from a psychic medium (namely, me.) The Life of a Medium I’m a physical medium, meaning I can feel the death of a dead in my body. Nope, it’s not comfortable. I didn’t talk about that part on the show, but it’s a bit of background for you. What you’ll... Read More

Book Blurb and Excerpt of They All Died Smiling by Ronda Del Boccio | Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

December 10th, 2018
Front cover of the paranormal/urban fantasy book They All Died Smiling: A hand in the sign language "I Love You" sign blasts from a firey background. In the palm are symbols, including a pentacle. Thte cver reads: Ronda Jean Del Boccio, An unwanted gift, a hypnotic collusion, a demonic coersion, They All Died Smiling, Reluctant Demon Hunter Series

A reviled gift. A hypnotic deception. A supernatural killing spree. Reporter Kassidy Spence just wants to go home after a busy week, but her intrusive gift awakens and turns her world inside out…again. Her power to see demons living inside people ripped her from all she holds dear once, and she refuses to use it ever again… …until her power could mean the difference between life and death. When Kassidy borrows the hottest new self-help book for women from a friend, her natural nosiness and her unwanted ability send her on a quest for the truth. Could the minister author... Read More