Welcome to another flash fiction story. That means super short. This one’s 98 words of a maximum 100 for Friday Fictioneers. Anyone’s welcome to come play.

flash fiction short story graphic showing lighning striking

It’s fun to see what other authors do looking at the same photo for inspiration. I don’t get to read as many of the participants’ tales as I’d like, but I enhjoy what I read.

This week, I once again borrowed Kassidy, hte spunky young widow from the paranormal/urban fantasy novel They All Died Smiling.

Here is the photo prompt:

Dale’s waterfall

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson (Many thanks for the gracious loan of your photo. 😉)

Word count: 98

Genre: Mainstream, but it’s characters from an Urban Fantasy, so…


I shiver in the chill water of a cavern secreted behind the falls.

“Is it time?” I ask Randy…the Universe. But I’m alone. Randy can’t hear or answer. War took him from me. Yet, I feel the warmth of him standing beside me, his arm around my shoulders.

I’m not shivering anymore.

I know what he’ll tell me. He tweaks my nose. “You have to ask?” Then he spins me into a dance hold.

Our wedding song, “I Hope You Dance,” plays in my head.

My tears join the falls.

I dance.

It’s time.

“There you are, Kass.”

They All Died Smiling is available everywhere, including Amazon.

They All Died Smiling Front Cover

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