Here’s another flash fiction short story for you!  Here’s the Friday Fictioneers  photo prompt.

flash fiction short story graphic showing lighning striking

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields 

Phoenix Flowers

Genre: Mainstream (Wh-wh-whaaaaaat? I wrote a mundane story? Yup. Although, a paranormal culprit could be behind the fire that destroyed the town.)

Word count: 100.

“You can do this, Aunt Beck.”

She slashed a tear from her eye.

I squeezed her knee. “I know.”

“Kass, I can’t do this.” She clutched the door handle.

“Stay with me.”

“I’ll stay here.”

“Half the town’s gone.” Stubborn woman. You raised me. Least I can do.” She’d lost so much. A baby, the farm. Walt. Now this.

“But you’re starting over too.”

I fingered Randy’s dog tags on the chain. “We’ll phoenix together. Let’s do this.”

We passed the charred gate on the way to the gutted house.

Amid stones and rubble, a cluster of yellow wildflowers gleamed.

reading birdsgraphic:

I borrowed war widow Kassidy and Aunt Beck, who raised her,  from my Reluctant Demon Hunter series, an urban fantasy/paranormal series.

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