Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog challenge that lets you write a 100- word (or less) flash fiction story that relates to a photo prompt. Please find the original post  and photo prompt on

After the story, I will share my inspiration.


Genre:  Mundane fiction

“The perfect tribute, n’est pa?” Amber snuggled into Pierre. Lilac scent on the breeze kissed them.

Pierre let out a long, slow breath. “C’est bizarre.”

Amber squirmed around to face him. “Bizarre? Why? Papa loved this place.” She broke free and distanced herself. With an expansive gesture, she encompassed the fountains, the perfectly manicured grounds, and the hotel, her family’s homestead. Her gaze fixed on the gargoyle guarding the pool, its snaggle-toothed mouth agape.

Pierre pointed. “Why there?”

Tears welled in Amber’s eyes, spilled onto the grass. “Now his ashes can guard our home forever inside that statue.

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My Inspiration

Writers get inspired in weird ways. We just do. Don’t even ask why, because I have no answer, but our minds are especially twisted.

My dad has been making preparations for his cremation. He asked if I wanted a necklace with some of his ashes in it. Um…well…I wash’t sure about that, but I agreed.

So I talked with my mom and her husband about what they want done with their ashes. She made an expansive gesture and said, “Sprinkle me around the Ozark hills.”

Um…illegal…so she “settled” for being buried in hte garden.  She won’t be around to know anyway, but that ain’t happ’nin’.

So my warped mind led me to tink of fictitious Amber putting ashes of her father into the gargoyle.


I know.

Cheers to your #BlissfulLife,

Ronda Del Boccio