UPDATE: I originally did this post in spring of 2015. Tweet Jukebox is still a fabulous tool, but it is out of beta and no longer free. It is becoming Social Jukebox. I still use it, and in fact paid for a year in advance. I’ll get to why in a bit.

If you haven’t noticed, social media can take up a lot of time! I’m dedicated to making it fun and easy for myself AND for you authors! While interacting on Twitter recently, I came across a great tool called Tweet Jukebox.Before sharing it with you, I wanted to give it a “test drive” to see how I like it.

What Does Tweet Jukebox Offer?

Tweet Jukebox is a free service as of the time of this writing. No idea if that will change, but consider trying it out now if it fits your needs. You can schedule a rotation of tweets to help you share things like quotes, your blog posts, book teasers and more. These posts are organized into “Jukeboxes,” and you get a free one with quotes to try out. Here are some of my jukeboxes.

  • Since I do frequent fiction book reviews, I have all of them in a jukebox called Book Reviews. Every few hours, one of them magically goes out into my Twitter stream.
  • Since I also help authors, I have aJ jukebox clled Author Help with all the tutorials, tips and strategies I share.
  • Since I’m an author, I have one with book teasers, excerpts, author interviews, poems and more.

Watch this Tweet Jukebox for Authors Video Mini-class/tutorial

Tweet Jukebox is becoming Social Jukebox.

NEW as of August, 2016: They’re adding Facebook and Linked-in auto-posting. More on htat in a new separate post.

10 Reasons WHY Authors Will Love Tweet Jukebox?

  1.  Keeps you in front of your audience – in sight, in mind.
  2. Saves time!
  3. Easy to use, edit and schedule.
  4. You can add pictures.
  5. Can organize effortlessly.
  6. Useful tool.
  7. Frees your daily time for interaction not posting.
  8. Excellent video tutorials on the site.
  9. No learning cure.
  10. And as of August 22, 2016, you can also post to LinkedIn and Facebook!

Try it out and let me know how you like it.

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