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I often review fiction, but this time it’s a personal development book to help you live a BLISSful life. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, and I believe this is one you will enjoy if you care anything about self mastery and living a hapy life.


6 Divine Principles of Success: The Sacred Tree of Life and the Secret of Empire Builders by Zohar (Radiance) Halevi

What are the six divine principles of success?

This book reveals for the first time a sacred and over 2000-year-old system for personal and economic growth, based on six principles from the divine tree of life. It shows that these six principles are common to the endeavors of empire builders such as Bill Gates, the Roman founder Emperor Augustus, and the biblical King David. As such, they are a unique formula to great financial success.

The contents of this book have been tried and tested with great success by a variety of groups prior to publishing. Businessmen and senior officials of more than four groups which have implemented these principles mention the following benefits:

• Allows you to better read both client and company interests.

• The six principles together will help you create a bigger sum than its parts, allowing a more efficient and profitable economic performance with moderate growth.

• Provides tools to improve relationships and increase business partnerships.

• Improves performance and reduces the working day. And as we know – time is money.

• Improves the quality and delivery speed of products and services.

• Maintains business and personal development success, as well as relevance in changing market conditions, and the lead in various sectors.

• Enhances constructive pleasure and builds positive energy.

• Brings you a few steps closer to the “American dream.”
“I have been surprised and delighted by the ability of this book to enrich my life.” –  Keren Peled

Zohar (Radiance) Halevi is qualified in a multitude of disciplines: lawyer, computer programmer, expert in investigating, expert in the art of persuasion, mediator, personal and business coach and more.

This book is a product of the author’s life work over twenty-three years, to identify and analyze the sacred formula of universal human success. He skillfully integrates different sources of wisdom into a new, flowing and exciting perspective, as an inspirational masterpiece aimed at unifying personal development and economic growth.

Managers and businessman must have this book.

That’s the book page on Amazon. What did I think of the book?

Unique, accessible style

6 Divine Principles of Success has a different flair from self help books by American authors I personally like the style. Here’s an example. Good advice expressed with a different flair.

“Acquire the expertise needed to solve problems fast and efficiently.”

– Zohar (Radiance) Halevi in 6 Divine Principles of Success

Historical examples

Halevi brings wisdom of ancient and modern empire builders into this book. Examples include Bill Gates, King Solomon of Biblical fame, Oprah Winfrey, and Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar.  I would have liked more specific original source material especially for the ancients, but then I’m one who loves my research and provable sources.

Well organized book

Believe me when I tell you that some authors don’t construct their books well, even if they have titles like 6 principles.

So beyond the obvious that yes, the principles each have their own chapter (Makes sense), each has a chapter full of what I think of as meditations or affirmations or thoughts to ponder. Halevi calls them “aphorisms.” Here is an example:

Aspiration means ‘to breathe.’

Filling your children with healthy aspirations is like breathing oxygen into their lives.

– Zohar (Radiance) Halevi in 6 Divine Principles of Success

Breathes spiritual principles into business

This book is geared at business owners. I feel it has much relevance for anyone working with a team or group, for philanthropists, for authors, and for world-changers. While the material lends itself to hiring a staff and other business functions, much of it applies to anyone who wants to have a positive impact upon the world.

This is not a book for the greedy person who wants to crush people while building your empire. It is a book for those who want to build up people and develop self mastery while creating your legacy.

I gave this book a 5 star review on Amazon.5 Star Review GraphicAbout Zohar (Radiance) Halevi

Zohar (Radiance) Halevi

 Zohar (Radiance) Halevi is qualified in a multitude of disciplines: lawyer, computer programmer, investigations officer, expert in the art of persuasion, mediator, personal and business coach and more.

In this book, Zohar (Radiance) Halevi skillfully integrates different worlds of content and sources of wisdom, weaving, both knowledgeably and artfully, a new universal human perspective, flowing and exciting, in the field of personal development and economic growth.

This life-work is called “The Radiance Project”.

Website: www.6inpower.com

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