Meet 40 Authors & Hear 11 Speakers at Meet the Author Day in Kimberling City on Feb. 6. 9:30 AM – 2 PM

Event is FREE & open to the public

Whatever you read you’ll find an author you’ll want to meet at this Southwest Missouri event at Kimberling Area Library in Kimberling City Missouri. For those of you who know me I’ll be there, but I don’t have a table. I’ll be at the special drawing table with a gift basket to give away.

Here is a video showing last year’s event:

 Kimberling City, MO. – Meet 40 regional authors and hear from eleven speakers at the Fourth Annual Meet the Authors Festival at the Kimberling Area Library. The event will take place on Saturday, February 6, 2016, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

“We are offering this free, stimulating event to provide individuals an opportunity to meet and talk with a treasure of talent,” said KAL Director Kathryn Kufahl. “We feel fortunate that the event has attracted popular and award winning authors who will be on hand to share their stories, sign books, answer questions and much more. We also have an interesting line-up of speakers and a book will be given away after each speaker’s presentation.

The two featured speakers this year are Comedian Eddie Bowman (Chester Drawers) and Peter Longley.

Bowman, who is a sought after speaker for schools, will talk about bringing out the best in our youth. Longley will talk about his famous dog, Orbit. Orbit’s ability to sing to Bettine’s flutes, took him around the world on concert tours where his spirit moved international audiences.

Speaker topics and times are as follows:

  • 9:50 AMMcQueen, Newman, Racing and Sailing—Fred Harshbarger
  • 10:10 AMWinds of Deception – Cover-Up by President Johnson—Tierney James
  • 10:30 AMUnderstanding Juvenile Diabetes—Trina Licavoli Gunzel
  • 10:50 AMHistory of a Professional Baseball League in the Ozarks—J. B. Hogan
  • 11:10 AMWhat’s the Big Deal about Ginseng—Madison Woods
  • 11:30 AMOrbit the Famous Dog—Peter Longley
  • 12:00 PMI’m One of the Hillbillies You’ve HeardAbout—K. D. McCrite
  • 12:20 PMYour Tongue Determines Your Destiny—April Shenandoah
  • 12:40 PMChoices Along Our Path—Diane Yates
  • 1:00 PMFate and Timing Changed My Life and History—WWII Veteran Billie Armstrong
  • 1:20 PMBringing Out the Best In our Youth—Comedian Eddie Bowman (Chester Drawers)

“We invite everyone to join us on February 6. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss,” said Kufahl. Almost every genre of book will be represented at the event including nonfiction, fiction, children, young adult, cooking, Christian, westerns, historical,

mysteries, romance, health, humorous, family, sci-fi fantasy, adventure, military, and photography.

The Kimberling Area Library is located at 45 Kimberling Boulevard in Kimberling City, Missouri. For more information call the library at 417-739-2525 or visit