Show Dog Sings the Blues is a tail…tale of mistaken identity that’s gone to the dogs.

Here is the description from Amazon:

Show Dog Sings the Blues cover - Devin O- BranaganIn an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, pampered show dog Talisman is switched with a cowdog and has to work on a ranch for the day. By the time her harrowing adventure is over, she is in desperate need of a massage, a session with her Reiki Master, a consultation with the pet psychic, a full grooming, and a pedicure. However, along the way she learns powerful lessons—including the discovery that she’s so much more than just another pretty face. Hilarious and touching, a tale for dog lovers everywhere! This short novella is a spinoff from the chick-lit novel “Red Hot Liberty” and is told from the dog’s perspective. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Australian Shepherd Rescue: – Learn more about this book at

While I have not read the novel from which this novella is a spin-off, I am an animal lover, and I’ve read a few of Devin O’ Branagan‘s other books.

This book is definitely more than a puff tale about a pampered dog who gets to experience a whole new life. Talisman faces unexpected dangers and experiences character development.

Based on Real People – with Fur

The two featured canines are based upon 2 of the author’s former dogs. She shares their story and a link to pictures of them as well as those of other critters who feature prominently in her novels.

It gives a chance for readers to learn something new about their favorite characters. It also gives you a chance to build a stronger reader base and sell more books.

If you’re an author, consider how you could adapt this for your work. Maybe you don’t have dog or cat bases for your heroes, but you might have interesting places, works of art, songs, or similar. It’s easy enough to make a page for them.

Critters are Characters Too

Even an anthropomorphized dog is a character, and the reader needs he hero to change. If your book features a dog or an alien or other non-human, that person still needs to have a road of trials.

This means that even if your character isn’t human, she or he needs to grow, face challenges, or otherwise learn something. It’s part of all stories, including the movies.

Spin Spin Spin-Off

Writing a novella that relates to a novel is brilliant. What a great idea for any fiction author. Show Dog Sings the Blues is a spin-off of the Red Hot series, which you can find at

O’Branagan wisely includes that link at the back of the book. The link takes you to a link on her main website,

Multi Genre Authors

As a multi-genre author, O’Branagan has pages on her site relevant to each. This makes it easy to funnel the right readers to the appropriate series.

Keep this in mind for your own work if you, as do she and I, write a variety of stories.

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You can read my 5-star review of Show Dog Sings the Blues on Amazon.

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And as Maddie the ranch dog would say,

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