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Here I am more than halfway through National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and still on track with my own novel-in-progress, They All Died Smiling.

People who like my upcoming book will LOVE Daughter of the howling Moon, a .gripping paranormal suspense story of an epic battle between good and evil.

Before I dive into the review, here’s my progress for those of you keeping tabs.

Writers need to read.

One of the most important tasks any author can do is to read superior books. Not the old time classics, but modern books that speak to the people in current times.

Daughter of the Howling Moon was an excellent book for me to read while writing my own work in the same genre.

R. H. Burkett is an Arkansas author with a background in theater and a poetic sensibility that adds a layer of intensity to her books that few authors achieve.

I gave her newest book, Daughter of the Howling Moon, a 5-star review on Amazon.

Cover of Daughter of the Howling Moon by R. H. Burkett

What makes this a great story worth reading?It’s thrilling and chilling!

You may want to read this book in daylight! Burkett definitely uses her words to chill.

Using description to convey character

You’ll be ready to cleanse yourself after reading this description of the snake-handling preacher:

Jedidiah’s eyes glowed like glazed onyx and fixed on Sarah’s chest that rose and fell, rapid and exaggerated, from each terrified breath. So much like the vipers he adored, he slithered to her side.

Jedidiah is a supposed preacher who does unspeakable things to young girls. You’ll definitely get the idea reading Bethany Ann’s description what he did  with her best friend  and many other girls:

My skin crawled. His touching made me wan to go to the creek to scrub myself clean. It felt wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it., but it was creepy and made me squirm. It just wasn’t right.

Bethany Ann discovered she has special powers, and,with nobody to go to for instruction, she learns to handle them.

This book is so compelling I got sucked back into it just getting snippets to share with you. If you love paranormal suspense, get this book right now. You won’t want to put it down until you’re finished.

If you’re an author, the book is a study in well-chosen words.

Bring characters to life.

It can be easy to use the same tired phrases or comparisons you’ve heard or read before. Check out this description of what Bethany Ann did to the preacher when he tried to take her:

He let out a howl that would make every one of Uncle Ezekiel’s prized coon dogs jealous.

Get into the  characters’ heads.

Both point of view characters are interesting. Bethany has these powers she’s learning to master, while Benjamin has lost faith in goodness. Each is on a journey that Burkett portrays with skill and panache.

Their struggles ring true as they find their way through their individual hero’s journeys. A blend of youthful innocense and savvy bringer of justice, Bethany Ann in particular is one of the more interesting characters you’re likely to read.

The rhythm of the words

Inherent in this book is a sense of poetry that sucks you into the tale. Beyond the meaning of the words, poetic writing makes a story more convincing to a reader’s mind.

Claim your copy of Daughter of the Howling Moon by R. H. Burkett today. 

You can order from Amazon or your favorite book seller. Enjoy!

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