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Audio and Video Resources

Let your audience HEAR and SEE you!

People feel more connected when they can hear your voice and even see you. How can you affordably host those audio and video files?

Web Conference Recording

These are my faves. Some are affiliate programs, so I’m rewarded for sharing the fabulous tool with you.

Teleseminar Recording

Instant Teleseminar is more than a plain l’ conference line.  Here’s why I like it:

  • You get a $1 trial.
  • They have terrific tutorials.
  • People can listen via link or call in using Skype or a phone from just about everywhere in the world.
  • You have an actual webpage for your call (the same 1before, during and after). I’ve used this to deliver products that include audio.
  • You can add the players to a WordPress blog.

Get started with Instant Teleseminar now.

Audio & Video Hosting

I have been an ecstatic customer of AudioAcrobat for years. Here’s why:

  • You can try it for 1 month free
  • It’s affordable.
  • They’re always at the forefront of technology, so you’ll never worry that your files wouldn’t play on a device.
  • You can record teleconferences or just make an audio.
  • You can make a public or private podcast.
  • You have access to terrific tutorials, including videos.
  • You can make various kinds of media player, such as for social sharing, for including in emails, and for the web.
  • You can attend any of several free monthly trainings that teach you in depth how to use various aspects of the service..
  • They have an affiliate program, so you can earn your fees by sharing with others.

Get started for free right now.


I have a Yeti and I love it.

Video File crunching

To make your vids a smaller file size, use the free Handbrake program. IT works for Mac and PC.