Looking for a fast funny read? A Tasty Morsel is a vampire story, but with a humorous twist. Sparks will fly. Innuendos swill tantalize. Laughter will bubble forth – all for free as a Halloween treat for you.

A Tasty Morsel paranormal fantasy novella cover

 humorous supernatural romance full of “mythical creatures” and humor

A Tasty Morsel takes you into a newly discovered cave with a secret panel.

Scientist Ellie cannot resist the urge to see what’s behind that secret stone door that rolls open at her touch. What she encounters introduces her to a ghoul, a vampire, and a hospital for the undead, among other things.

Full of humor, innuendo and quirky characters, this book will transport you to realms you did not even know existed. Hopefully, you won’t take a ride in the ambulance for the undead, as Ellie ended up doing!

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