The biggest reason why I’m a writer has ZERO to do with notoriety…

It’s about touching lives and being a Light. That’s where my heart and spirit lie.

Being able to help veterans get life-changing service dogs means the world to me. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to help a worthy organization create more powerful partnerships.

Walk in My Paws: An Anthology of Service Dog Stories is a collection of stories by people with a wide range of disabilities writing about their amazing service dogs. It will be available in fall of 2019.

Walk in My Paws Is a Labor of Love

Service-dog-and veteran in silhouette representing Walk in My Paws: An Anthology of Service Dog StoriesWe are donating 100% of book royalties to Freedom Fidos, a nonprofit organization that trains dogs for veterans.  Most of the dogs are shelter rescues. A few are dander-free dogs from ethical breeders for those with allergies.

Please enjoy this book excerpt from the story about Bianca Rose, a poodle with spunk!. .

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